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The 1,000 Book Challenge

Granted, my 20-year-old son has not had the opportunity to have read as many books as I have. I’d like to think that I have read at least 1,000 in my life, I was a voracious reader in high school and college, and even in the military (lots of hurry up and wait time to read). So, we were talking the other day, and decided to start in Jan 2021 with the goal of reading 1,000 in the next 20 years.

He is a fan of Sci Fi and Fantasy (as am I), but I insisted we also read some non-fiction books (one a month), and we could also expand our horizons a little along the way. I look forward to sharing my favorites and reading some of them again with him, and exploring some new ones and discussing the merits of ‘old school’ fantasy and science fiction.

For the fantasy books, I’ll attempt (attempt mind you) to write a Story Grid Foolscap and do my nerd work discussing what worked, what didn’t work, and where it might have been told better. For the non-fiction, I’ll write a quick review about what I learned and how well it was constructed and organized.

I’ll update this page as we identify books we want to read.

The List

TitleAuthorGenreDate Completed
Legion of the Damned
(Legion of the Damned series)
William DietzAction/ Sci FiDec. 20, 2020
The Latte FactorDavid BachWorldviewDec. 24, 2020
The LawyerJohn EllsworthThriller/ LegalDec. 25, 2020
What’s the Big Idea?Leslie Watts and Shelley SperryNon-FictionDec. 26, 2020
The Tipping PointMalcolm GladwellNon-FictionJan. 15, 2020
Becoming Bulletproof: Life Lessons from Secret Service AgentEvy PoumPourasNon-FictionJan 25, 2020
The PostmanDavid BrinPost-Apocalyptic/ Thriller
The Pelican BriefJohn Grisham
Vampire of the Mists
(Ravenloft Series)
Fire Warrior
(Warhammer 40K series)
Science Fiction
Extreme Success: The 7-Part Program that
Shows you how to Succeed without Struggle
Rich FettkeNon-Fiction
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